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MAT 126 Survey of Mathematical Methods

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MAT126: Survey of Mathematical Methods

I have been given $1,000 to invest. My choices are a checking account, money market account, passbook savings account, or certificate of deposit. I have invested money prior to this project and I think the best way to safely invest the money would be with a certificate of deposit. I will investigate all the options and briefly explain why I would choose a certificate of deposit.
A passbook savings account is an account where all transactions of deposits, withdrawals, and interest are recorded by the account holder. Passbooks are routinely updated with the necessary information, in particular, the interest accrued. This type of account is well-matched for depositors who rarely transact on the account and the account is federally insured. This type of account is also introduced to children in the early years of education. I would not invest 1,000 dollars into such an account because of the yearly interest compounded is typically low.

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